CIF Champs

Matthew Aliolli, Sports Editor

What is losing? The Royal High School Wrestling team doesn’t seem to know. This entire season has been a series of blow out wins by Royal but the big question that everyone continued to wonder was whether or not we could really pull through and win our first Wrestling C.I.F. in nine years?

Junior Jack Richards stated, “There is no doubt in my mind that we could take it all the way.” To start off the long battle to the crown Royal had to face Coachella Valley in the quarter finals. They won the match 60-9. Next up was San Clemente in the semi-finals who Royal beat 45-20. Lastly Royal had to face up against Mayfair. It was a tough battle but Royal persevered and took a well deserved win at 40-25. After the match Junior Arshag Dadourian exclaimed, “This has been our goal all season and I am so proud of all of the team for grinding the whole time and never letting up.”

This wasn’t the end of the line for some players such as senior Jacob Hansen who was the first ever player in Royal History to place in State. All in all with so many young players, Royal has countless looks at C.I.F. for years to come and they are sure to never disappoint.