Victory is the goal

Alyssa A., Sports Editor

Girls soccer is now in the middle of the season , putting up a battle game by game. The highlanders have been training and improving as a whole since the start of the school year preparing for their season, which is a big one. With only eight games in the season, every game is a big dealand counts for a lot towards records, placements and statistics. The girls varsity team is filled with twenty-one girls who put their all when playing and are determined to work hard. Gabbi Bullard said “This team is full of fun and laughter. You’re never not laughing and the team carries so much love for one another.”  On January 4th the girls went into a big game against Foothill Tech. This would be the last preseason game before the team heads into a hard season. The highlanders came out on top and took a 1-0 win. The next game was against Oak Park and after playing with their all the girls took a 2-1 win. Now, the next game was one of the biggest. Not just for standings but for rivalry. The highlanders went into a huge game against the cross town rivals Simi High. Battling hard the girls came out victorious with a 3-1 win. Goals scored by two freshman! Two goals by Dalia Abosaleem and one by Foster Bella. Foster Bella, freshman, said “Playing with this team is so much fun and all the girls are so encouraging and positive with each other which really helps when on and off the field with each other.”The girls will now head into the rest of their season putting their work into every game to be as successful as they can.