Racing towards victory

Travis F., Sports Editor

On Saturday January 19th the Royal varsity track team participated in an all comers meet at Thousand Oaks High School. This is a meet where kids of all ages and skill levels come to participate in different activities.This gives the Highlanders a chance to interact with kids and teach them the basics of track. All comers meets are a good way for kids of all ages to learn about track. Isabella Matola a sophomore on the varsity track team said “I love going to all comers meets because it gives me a chance to teach kids about track.” Some of these activities include the 60mm dash, 60mm hurdles, pole vault and much more. Each participant from Royal High school had to do different activities they were assigned to and they had to beat certain times to qualify for the Winter championships. Ryan Dunkleburger has the top time for the 60mm dash at 7.52 seconds which is the top time this year.  Adam Fall a Junior at Royal high school said “I am trying to beat the record for the triple long jump so I can hold the record at Royal High School.” The record for the triple long jump is 48. Adam Fall qualified for the triple long jump at the Winter championships. Last season the Royal varsity Track team went 0-10 so they are working hard to get a better record this year.