Splish Splash

Linnea C., News Editor

This year our girls water polo team is in for a fantastic season. Even with new coaches, schedules, and other changes made, our team has worked tirelessly to improve and have handled it like royalty. Starting this year without a coach, they were being conditioned by Kacy C., one of our swim coaches from spring, who is “excited and ready to get them prepared for a great season.”
Now current head coach Olivia B., past varsity swimmer and water polo player at Royal, in spite of not having much time to prepare has said, “It all comes down to how well they work as a team” and right now “we have some great talent, club players and they are improving everyday.”
Having just survived “hell week”, going to practice at 5:45 to 7:00 a.m, and after school from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. our water polo girls have been putting in tireless hours, and it shows. As returning sophomore Emily S. said, “We are really getting better with drills, passing and working better together all of the practice is tiring but also fun and gets you pumped up for the day.”
While the hours are strenuous this team loves what they do as Emma M. another returning team member said, “I’ve never felt so at home and welcomed on a team before the friendships, and getting to play makes it worth all the time.”
The Royal team spirit is so apparent, they love the game and each other. Their talent and comradery is going to make the girls water polo, one great team to watch, with an amazing season in store.