Winning is the goal

Alyssa A., Sports Editor

This year, the girls’ soccer varsity coaches really went above and beyond to surprise the varsity team. They felt the team deserved something big, for the really great accomplishments last season. Varsity girls’ soccer were the undefeated league champs.

They proved themselves game after game and worked as hard as they could to get what they deserved and strived for.

The coaches, Jami Scrudato and Lynnae Davis, came up with the idea of giving the girls a team room. After getting the okay to claim an old room that wasn’t being used, they took on the challenge to completely transform the room into something the girls would truly cherish.

For about a month they worked on everything and kept it all a secret. They really put a lot of thought and work into making it the best it could be. They painted the whole room, put in individual ‘cubbies” for each player, put some turf on the floor, and a whole lot more. Above each players “cubby” there’s a nametag with the players first and last name and their number along with a hook to hang their uniform. There’s a green and gold stripe that goes throughout all the walls, a wall that says “Royal pride” with a crown.

On the day of the reveal, the coaches gathered the girls into a room and showed them a slideshow of pictures of the room as it was being done. They then took the girls into the room and there it was. Their new team room and in their cubbies were their new spirit packs and pizza.

Two players who proved themselves were named captains. Seniors, Jenna S. and Skylar P. were named the 2 out of 3 captains, the third one is yet to be revealed. Sakamoto said, “We had some really big wins last season and coming into this season we still have so much to prove. The team room is going to be something really fun for us to have and I’m excited for everything that is yet to come.” Skylar said, “The team is made up of girls who put a lot of effort and desire to retain big things, and I think this season, were going to have some challenges, but will be able to prove ourselves.”

The girls are beyond excited and thankful for the big surprise and all the time and effort their coaches put into the team.