Welcome to Royal Valley

Avery R., Sports Editor

This year’s football squad had a pretty good season ending with a record of (5-5). One of their big wins was beating cross town rival Simi Valley High with a score of 27-18. It was a historic night in Royal Valley with this 50th rivalry game.

Royal also went (3-0) in league, winning league, and made it to the playoffs. Since starting their sophomore QB, Tanner Wolfe, Royal is (5-0).

A lot of Royal’s players believe that their strong end to the season will help motivate players next season to make it further in the playoffs. “We believe that our team is going to be a lot better next season and that a lot of our sophomore players are gonna be a big help next season,” said junior DE Heath P.

This year’s seniors made a big effect on Royals win and were big leaders for our school. With the loss of some players like ILB Aiden Carrillo, WR/S Colin Mitchell, OLB Sean Hoover, CB/Offensive weapon John Moore, this means that there is going to be a lot of gaps left open for this years juniors and sophomores to fill. Although Royal is losing a lot of seniors, it does not mean there aren’t juniors that weren’t equally as helpful, for example, WR Nick Torrez was a big help on offense getting a lot of chunk plays and set up a lot of scoring drives for Royal.

Gabe Landless was also a big help this season, like when he scored 2 TDs against Simi High this year. “We’re excited for what our juniors are going to bring next season, they are tough and are ready to become leaders for our varsity squad,” said junior CB Gary W.