And the beat goes on…

Isis S., Advertising Editor

On November 2, the Royal High Marching Band gave an outstanding performance filled with incredible music and lively dancing at the Royal home game versus Alta Loma. Performing their original dance piece, choreographed by members of the marching band with an original song called “Outside the Box Movements 1, 2, & 3.”

Emma T., junior, who plays the clarinet, was asked if she liked band. Her response was, “Yes it’s my passion, and like a big family, it looks great on college applications.” Emma was asked if she likes the new direction band has taken and she said, ”Yes, I like the dancing and all the movements we do.”

The performance started with the band marching out onto the field playing their instruments, lining up into their spots. As they played, they marched in circles, kicked their legs, and did the wave. The dance movements were well organized, with a delightful ensemble, and upbeat music. The theme for the marching band’s dance was mysterious, and you could definitely tell when they came out, sneaking like lions onto the field.