Cheer Alumni

Sirena M, Copy Editor

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On September 14, Royal’s homecoming game took place. Cheerleading alumni were invited to return to our high school for the night and cheer for their school.  During the second half of the game, alumni came out and performed. Jacey H. current freshman cheer coach, had the chance to come back and actually perform for the crowd rather than watching from the sidelines. Jacey said, “I love coming back and seeing the new cheerleaders, makes me want to come back to high school.”

This night is really special for the alumni because good memories always return from when they were on the team. The current cheerleaders were amazed of how well they could still perform after years of not being in the sport. Varsity cheerleader, Morgan R. said, “The alumni cheerleaders were so talented. I hope to return after I graduate and see if I still have the skills.” Morgan, along with others among the crowd, were in awe.

One spectator in the audience,  Aiyana M. said, ”I remember watching some of these cheerleaders when I was in high school, to see that they still got it is incredible.” It was truly a memorable night for everyone.

All of the graduated cheerleaders left in a state of reminiscence.

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