In 1st place


Jordyn R., Sports Editor

This year’s softball program has two teams, Varsity and JV. They have been practicing non stop since the beginning of second semester, leading up to season. Before that they were conditioning to get stronger. Now being in season, they are working harder than ever. Varsity player and junior W. Peyton said, “We really work as a team this year. I am excited for what we can accomplish.”

This years varsity team has welcomed five new freshman to their roster. With season soon coming to an end, everyone is working as hard as possible to do their very best. Over spring break, both JV and varsity went up to Santa Maria for the Pioneer Valley Tournament. Both teams worked hard and came out in 1st place. Varsity also brought home 1st place in their Santa Fe Springs Tournament. Junior A. Pascual said, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” So far in league, varsity is 5-3 and JV is 4-4. Sophomore V. Lopez said, “Have fun, hit the ball hard. Let go. Leave everything on the field.”