The hypelanders!

Meelad Zarrabi, Reporter

With school back in person, the football student sections have been better than ever. On Friday, September 24 against Atascadero, our student section peaked. With the crowd run by seniors Tyler, Pranav Ketharam, Julius White, and Albert Silva, the crowd was hyped up. Excitement ranging from different chants to mosh pitting during halftime.

Setting up the student section is simple, they just get a speaker that is loud enough for the opposing side to hear, baby powder to throw in the air during halftime, and a pinata to give some candy to the students. The leaders love seeing the crowd hyped up and seeing our team win. “The past experience has been really fun winning games and seeing everyone getting hyped for our team. Some things we´ll do in the future is we will start dressing up more, bring food and bigger speakers,” said senior Albert Silva.

The future of our student section is something all students are excited about. We cannot wait to see what they got for us at the Simi versus Royal game this Friday. Senior Julius White, another leader of the student section, said, “When helping the students lift up and hype the football players during the Royal vs Simi game, it was one of those things that has so much passion because they’re our rivals so we make sure to be respectful but also just show who really runs the valley.”