Sustainability starts with accountability

Janet Gonzalez, Reporter

This generation is the first one to ever see the real effects of pollution, climate change, and global warming. With that, it needs to be the first to start the change of a better future. Is school preparing students to play their part in a more sustainable future? Schools typically have a code of not pushing religion and beliefs on students so that they can form their own opinions. But when it comes to the environment and the hard facts, shouldn’t schools be pushing students to do better?

Humans are earth’s inhabitants, and the deadliest ones at that. Teaching sustainability and the better choices to make regarding something that will save future generations, should be at the forefront of all schools’ goals. Some schools offer environmental science as a class option, but should it not be a requirement? Earth science was once a required class but now it’s an option. Junior Kristie Harasyn said, “I’m taking AP Environmental science and, before that class, I knew some things but now I understand how important it is to reuse stuff and try to make your carbon footprint smaller.”

This comes down to the question of whether schools are teaching curriculums that will benefit students in the real world. Environmental science teacher Mrs. Moffett has, through the years, influenced her kids to remember to do their best to have a low impact on the environment. “If everyone just does a little bit extra to help out the environment, the earth could be such a better place to live in,” said Moffett.

Schools have taught the same way and the same materials for over one hundred years. Perhaps changing the traditional ways may just be what can incite a shift. “I don’t think school teaches how to shop from sustainable companies. With the knowledge that students learn from school they should be able to make their own choices and to start their own sustainable companies that are accessible to everybody,” said senior Grant Deleon. If schools taught the importance of sustainability, students would learn from a young age about the relationship between humans and nature and how humanity depends on it. Also, teaching students how to promote sustainability within their future business and economic endeavors, will result in a more eco-friendly societal norm.

“If environmental sustainability is being taught in schools, then it is something we don’t spend enough time on since many people aren’t actually protecting our environment,” said senior Emely Navas. Children are taught to turn off the water when they brush their teeth, and to turn off the lights when they’re not in use but is it enough? Knowing how to identify green companies and make sustainable choices is what’s going to push for a greener future. It’s not true to claim that schools do not teach any environmental awareness at all, it is simply the question of whether it’s sufficient.