Are you Pushin’ P?

Kunle Ande, Reporter

An artist recently dropped an album and could potentially be one of the best albums of 2022 so far. Gunna recently dropped DS4EVER which includes 19 tracks and sold 150,000 first-week sales. DS stands for drip season, which he has previously dropped three other albums in a sequential series.

Going into this album, nobody expected him to release this early into 2022, especially during the same time as The Weekend (the artist). On this album, he had a variety of features that consisted of Drake, Young Thug, Lil Baby, G Herbo, and Kodak Black. He also had more unknown artists on this album to help give exposure.

One of the songs that are famously liked at royal among students is the Tik Tok viral song Too Easy Ft. Roddy Rich, and Future. This song was leaked on Tik Tok before it came out as a single and fans have been craving for it since. Gunna also had some singles on the song that could make a case for the best song on the album.

Sophomore Oscar Catalan weighed in on the situation saying, “The single Alotta Cake really did it for me, Gunna personally to me is an outstanding artist, and overall this album is amazing.”

In this album, you see tracks that automatically give you a vibe that could be on the radio. For example, you see this in the song Pushin P Ft. Future, and Young Thug. Before the album came out Gunna kept hinting at this idea of “Pushin[g] P” and ”Kicking P,” due to his social media. This caused fans to go crazy because he began using a blue P emoji in every tweet which caused curiosity. Many wondered whether they were Pushing P or what it even meant. Then Gunna finally explained it in a video, and this began to skyrocket on Instagram and Tik Tok. Some were still confused, but others began using it in their captions and changing their vernacular to involve P.

In the song 25k Jacket Ft. Lil Baby, Junior Jack Hurwitz said, “This song brings back old Lil Baby vibes.” For many Lil Baby fans, if signs of his old flow are coming back it is expected that his 2022 album will be sensational. But that is for another topic and a different day. Overall, Gunna released an outstanding album to start 2022 “…and what is said does not need to be explained, if you P you P,” said Hurwitz.