Tension and predictions in the NBA

Kunle Ande, Reporter

The NBA season has recently started back up. With that said, new teams are growing hungry to become playoff contenders and win a championship. The tension began off-season, with many big trades affecting how the Eastern and Western conferences played out.

The Los Angeles Lakers, a favored team at Royal, is a team that some say has downgraded. However, some believe they have upgraded as well. They acquired Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony, two players capable of all-star level, but they are aging in their careers. Concerning their age, a trend developed of calling the Lakers the “retirement home” team. Transitioning into the new season, the Milwaukee Bucks look to two peat with Giannis Antentokumpo, a former MVP.

As the season plays out, teams have begun to win and lose games. In the western conference, leading above everybody at 9-1, are the Golden State Warriors. The Golden State Warriors is a team that is popular amongst students because of Stephen Curry. Currently, the Warriors have the best record in the league and are doing better than the most popular team within students, the Lakers.

The Lakers are sitting at a record of 5-5, and for many fans, this was not expected. Sophomore Nolan Suraez weighed in on the situation and said,“They are off to a slow start, but I think they will adjust and win a championship this year if LeBron and Anthony Davis stay healthy.”

In the eastern conference, the Miami Heat are leading with a record of 7-3, and heat fans are loving it. Sophomore Wyatt Sigler said, “The heat winning again is a good sight to see, and it’s great to see Tyler Herro playing well again.”

Although these opinions are too early to judge this early in the season, many students at Royal are actively watching and keeping up with the NBA.