PE: The universal stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle


Zachary Fuchs

Justin Fuchs, JV basketball player, practicing for the game against Buena Vista on Friday, 3/26. It was through P.E. that he first learned of it, and has been pursuing basketball ever since.

Zachary Fuchs, Plaid Truth Staff


It’s a Monday afternoon, and you’re finishing up your English classwork, double checking and making sure you’ve filled your name at the top. You look up at the clock and “2:14 p.m.”, it reads. Your fifth period class is about to end. You’re excited, because today physical education (P.E.) is the last class of the day. It doesn’t need as much focus, and you tend to see it as a period to relax. You think on your way to your locker, “What’s the point of PE, anyway?”

P.E. is considered one of the less useful classes, as it provides little to no benefit and you aren’t learning anything. “P.E. is not as important to me as some other classes,” said freshman Mingxuan Li. “but it’s a good class to go out and have some fun.” Students tend to believe that P.E. serves less of a purpose, as  it’s harder to understand than most classes.

Yet, P.E. isn’t meant to be something you memorize, it’s about developing a personal habit of staying fit and mentally healthy. As a matter of fact, it’s proven that exercising around 10-30 minutes or more provides a significant boost in mood, according to the American Psychological Association. By trying out different sports, P.E. gives you a wider spectrum of sports you may want to try later on.

The purpose of P.E. is to set a healthy lifestyle for developing children, getting them into the habit of exercising on a regular basis. “We are giving students things that they can do to keep them healthy for years to come,” said Physical Education Teacher Aaron Hardy. “We are also teaching lots of life lesson skills. For example, punctuality and getting to class on time, responsibility in bringing your uniform every day and accountability and respect for others around them and the facilities that we use.”

You head over to your next class, entering the gym with some of your friends and other classmates. Your P.E. teacher leads a few stretching drills, finishing with trying out the new sport for the season. At the end of the long day, you’re feeling a bit tired, but also relaxed, prepared to tackle the upcoming challenges of the week ahead.