Why stress?


Zachary Fuchs

Junior Justin Fuchs overwhelmed preparing for the upcoming test in pre-calculus.

Zachary Fuchs, Plaid Truth Staff

When asked about school, a typical high school student would respond with “stressing” or “boring”. According to an ACHA-National College Health Assessment research survey released in 2019, about 75% of high school students admit they often feel stressed over schoolwork. How do these students push through it?

Stress is often described as being overwhelmed due to prolonged or large amounts of pressure inflicted by work, school, or anything that requires proper time management. Being a common emotion, it’s typical for a person to feel burdened with all the work ahead of them. In reality, stress is just an obstacle keeping you from being productive.

This feeling has since been amplified following digital learning because it’s new and quite different from being in person. “As a teenager, it’s not easy being cooped up in your house all the time.” said freshman Jasmine Fierro. “Students like to be going out and seeing their friends, or it could be just because it is easier for students to learn in person.”

All this time being stuck at the house really takes a toll on teens, as well as their teachers that have already spent enough time on their computers assigning/finishing grading. Of all students, stress levels are much higher in those with GPAs of 3.0 or higher.

Having such a workload, other students struggle to do the same. There are several methods, however, that can help with such issues. “I handle homework by doing a few assignments, taking a short break, and then continuing,” said freshman Austin Crain. Doing homework little by little can really keep you motivated, as doing too much at a time can overwhelm you, leaving you even less effective than if you had just taken a break.

However, “Anything and everything can occur to mess the best-laid plans,” said IB/AP history teacher and freshman football head coach Emmet Furlong. Assignments may not always be finished on time, but that’s completely okay.
Nobody is perfect, no matter how much they appear to be. The most you can do is learn from your mistakes, and how to better organize your time when the situation arises again.