Spring Break


Kylee Rogers

Lauren Rodriguez and Linnea Chandler play in Linnea’s backyard. They are laughing with the dogs playing and enjoy spending time together.

Kylee Rogers , Plaid Truth Staff

Students find fun, safe ways to spend spring break in California through planning effectively with family and friends.

Friends have been able to keep in contact through phones and having outdoor activities. Parks are one of the highest-ranked places to go. Spring break is no different with students planning activities like sports or lunch dates.

Senior Amanda Florian said, “I’ve gotten takeout and ate at the park socially distanced with my friends,” as she keeps the social distancing precautions and has fun in the meantime.

Others might think that staying home is the best way to go, but people have been creative and kept their routines. For example, instead of playing cards inside, friends can go outside and do the same thing. Games such as pool or corn hole stay outside with distance between players perfect for the situation. Other ideas have stemmed because of creative planning, including more time at home. This could mean more time for improvements, like painting bedrooms with family or creating new layouts with furniture.

Other ideas to the social distance to have friends over is accomplished through staying in backyards. Plain white walls or white bedsheets can be used to create a tv screen outside. Parents can plan to grill for their children and their friends for a small get-together. Good food is always something that students look forward to during their day.

“My vacations have not necessarily changed, but I have not been able to see my family in other states in a while,” said sophomore Ava Pawlik.

Regrettably, students may not have the opportunity to go out of state. This has not changed over spring break Facetime and Zoom are used to keep in contact with family members that are far away or friends that have gone out of state for college.