Caffeine addicts guide


Olivia Hayes

So many coffee choices.

Olivia Hayes, Plaid Truth Staff

Everyone enjoys a diverse coffee place, and an aesthetically pleasing one. Here are some of the top places in Ventura County. The first place is called Five07 Coffee Bar And Eatery. Five07 is located in Thousand Oaks. It does not have just coffee, but smoothies, latte art, and live music. It is open for dine-in, and curbside pickup. Their coffee is more traditional as they serve americanos, lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos. Five07 is a great place to get some coffee, do some homework, and relax.  Sean and Amber McCarthy founded Five07 to give people a place to meet up with friends or study because the owners could not when they were younger. 

Right here in Simi and familiar to many Royal students, is the Makenna Koffee Company. Royal recently had a fundraiser at Makenna Koffee. The store is pretty recent in Simi Valley, as they opened up around June. Makenna Koffee does not have just coffee, their menu includes pastries, smoothies, iced tea, and energy drinks. 

Bikes and Brews is a unique place to visit. This is a coffee place but has a unique aspect. It has bikes that you can rent and bike maintenance! This place is located in Thousand Oaks.  Bike and Brew offer hot coffee and cold coffee drinks, tea, smoothies, Arnold Palmers, and hot chocolate.  It has 4.5 stars on yelp and very positive reviews. 

Another one on the list is Joi Cafe. Joi Cafe is located in Westlake Village. It is a cafe with lots of food including smoothies and bowls, entrees, salads, and breakfast items. Their coffee items include things like lattes, teas, espressos, cold brews, kombucha based drinks, and so on. Joi Cafe is available right now for takeout and no-contact delivery. 

Last suggestion for coffee is called It’s A Grind. It is located in Moorpark. Their products range from espresso based beverages, teas, and iced blended coffees.  Their mission is to be a ‘community within four walls’. “Once in a while when I go to Starbucks or any other coffee shop,” said junior Camila Dalmau. Those are some of the best places to go to get a latte or anything of that sort.