Phones in the classroom


Justin Fuchs

How digital learning affects the usage of phones.

Zachary Fuchs, Plaid Truth Staff

Ever since the release of increasingly advanced touch phones, students have been pushing boundaries of misuse which is originally why phones were not allowed during class. But, with the new establishment of digital learning, should this rule really stay? 

Freshman Caden Mackenzie, said “Phones are not much of a distraction depending on what you’re doing. During free time, they should be allowed, but not while taking notes.”

He admits he has been on his phone more times during Zoom meetings than in real life classes. Freshman Francisco Enriquez said “If I were on my phone, it would be difficult for me to listen to anyone talking to me.” He agrees that phones shouldn’t be allowed during lectures, but are okay to keep on hand.

“I like to give my students the opportunity to prove that they are capable of using their phones in a respectful matter,” says said English teacher Lauren DeOliviera. “Once respect is lost, I generally ask students to keep their phones in a designated space outside their hand.”

Mrs. DeOliviera agrees that phones are okay in the class, as long as they are handled responsibly. This way, students are prepared for any personal or public emergencies that may occur throughout the year. 

So, most people agree that phones are okay to have in the classroom, as long as they’re used correctly. Though students have the right to keep their phones on hand, they’re always subject to being confiscated if used inappropriately.