Teachers against phones

Yumnah Shoaib, Opinion Editor

Many of us students love our phones, because phones are our way of communication and a source of hilarious videos and pictures. However using our phones have become a distraction during many classes, so now there are several policies against having them.

Some teachers have instituted phone policies that vary from having phone pockets or phone jails to giving breaks in class to go on your phone. The reasoning for a phone pocket or jail is to take away the temptation of going on your phone during a lesson, which in hindsight is a good idea but there are some cons that go along with them. A major con is when phones are in the pockets you can get a message from your family that could be urgent but you wouldn’t see it until the end of class. Another con is that your phone could accidentally be taken by another student if the phones look similar. Freshman, James Braniff said, “Phone pockets are dumb because we should be able to have our phones with us during class in case we get a message from our family, and our phones are our property.”

Some teachers give a break in class for students to go on their phone and talk to their friends as an alternative to disrupting a lesson or getting their phones taken away. A major pro to this is that students pay more attention to the lesson and don’t go on their phones at all so they don’t ruin their chances for free time. A main reason that teachers ban cell phones, other than the disruption, is that students don’t pay attention to the lesson and could use their phones for cheating. However this is mostly not the case, students usually use their phones in class to listen to music, which is proven to help them focus and understand whatever they are learning even more.

Although using your phone during class isn’t the best time, it’s natural and sometimes we can’t help it. Another student, Shya Samadani said, “I get bored and lose focus during class so I go on my phone so I don’t fall asleep.” All in all there are reasons we have rules against using our phones in classes, and we may not like them but they are there for a reason.