2020 preview

Aditi Chakraborty, News Editor

The campaigning for the 2020 presidential elections has begun. There has been so much controversy over President Trump and his administration that it seems like more attention is going into the impeachment battle than the actual candidates on both sides. Junior, Maria Faried said, “We should make a better choice this time because these elections affect us more in the long term.” The elections are really going to be a turning point for not only the government but for every American.
The main Republican candidate is President Trump. There are other less well known candidates: Mark Sanford with his platform on debt and deficit, Joe Walsh with his hate for Obamacare, and Bill Weld who wants to reduce military spending and focus on domestic issues. Those Republican candidates are not getting much attention at all since Trump is dominating republican polls.
The Democratic candidates are actively campaigning nationally. The biggest candidate is Joe Biden, who is currently still in the lead. Biden’s national support is still under 30%, trailing right behind him is Elizabeth Warren, who has been gaining popularity. Bernie Sanders still remains in third place even after his heart attack, and is working aggressively to build strength. New entry Mike Bloomberg is trailing behind them as he is also trying to gain popularity. There is also many others like Yang, Steyer, Buttigieg, and many more.
Sophomore, Kylie Sherman said, “I don’t believe this election will make a difference. There are way too many democratic candidates and Trump has been campaigning since the day he took office.”