Making fun summer plans

Emma Stidham, Opinion Editor

Summer break is almost here and everyone is excited. No more school. No more homework. No more stress! Two months of freedom! But sometimes two months of freedom can be too much. We all have those boring summer days where we have nothing to do and are bored out of our minds. If you really think about it though, there’s always something to do.

One fun option is swimming. It’s summer, get out in the sun and have some fun! Sophomore Chase Stidham said, “I always enjoy going outside on a hot summer day and swimming in my pool in my backyard with my friends.” Another outdoor activity is going to the beach. Everyone loves the beach, so why not take a beach trip? You can go with family or friends and make it a beach day. If you don’t drive or don’t have a ride there, you can take the beach bus. Rachel Cook, sophomore, said, “I would go to the beach everyday if I could, and when I don’t have a ride, the beach bus is a super inexpensive way to get there.” Junior, Anthony Campo also said, “Now that I drive, it’s going to be so much easier to go to the beach whenever I want to.”

If you’re not the outdoors type, going to see a movie is a great alternative. It’s always relaxing to have a movie day, especially if you’ve been really busy days before. There are new movies coming out all the time so you’ll be likely to find one that you will enjoy. Senior Lexi Cuevas said, “I love going to the movies with my friends on a summer night and having popcorn.”

You can always go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, Disneyland, MB2 Raceway, Santa Monica Pier, and so many more fun places where there’s lots of things to do. Junior Melissa Goodman said, “I love going to Disneyland with my boyfriend and his family, especially since I’m getting a season pass!” If you need something to do and want to make money at the same time, you can get a summer job. It is a great way to keep you occupied and gives you money to go do fun things. Senior Abby Haddad said, “I like having a job especially during summer because it gives me something to do and also allows me to have spending money to go shopping and go out and do things with friends.”

Summer is a great time to go out and have fun with your friends and family, so don’t take it for granted! Get outside and do something and don’t waste your whole summer staying inside and doing nothing.