Restaurant Review: Tico’s Mexican Food

Harleen S., News Editor

Have you ever craved authentic Mexican food? Tico’s Mexican Food is the perfect place to go! Located on Los Angeles Avenue, this restaurant is so cute. Not only is the food fresh but there’s so many different things you can order. From hard shell tacos, soft shell tacos, taquitos, and more. They also serve fresh made Horchata and some delicious churros. Tico’s is the perfect place to go after school for lunch or after a big win in the Kingdom. The inside is so nice and there is additional seating on the patio. Many students at Royal go so often and constantly say many good things about the food. Lots of people order their hard shell tacos and some go just for the yummy chips and salsa. If you are ever wondering where to eat, what to eat, or are wanting some delicious Mexican food then head on down to Tico’s. Not only is it fairly priced but it’s also super close in town!