An Egg-celent Post

Matthew A., Sports Editor

Everyday there are new social media super powers rising to fame, but we have found an egg that has put itself above all else. What started off as a joke to set the world record for most likes on Instagram ended up taking everyone by surprise on Sunday, January 13th by surpassing the previous world record for most likes held by Kylie Jenner at just over 18,000,000. I know what you may be thinking, “ How does an account with one post that is just a picture of an egg surpass a television personality, model, entrepreneur, socialite, and social media personality?” The real answer is, I have no idea how this happened but apparently all it takes to destroy a social media super power is 24 million people who like eggs more than they like Kylie Jenner I guess. You also may be thinking, “ How did Kylie react to losing a popularity contest to an egg?” Well she did not take it well at all . She responded to the egg with a post of her own, in an attempt at revenge. She posted a video where she cracked an egg on the floor and started to laugh maniacally. The post was captioned, “ Take that little egg.” This entire story just goes to show that all it takes to do something big in life is a picture of an egg, an Instagram account, and just a couple of days of hard work and dedication.