Protection or Censorship

Erin H., Advertising Editor

In Europe, a new copyright legislation was recently proposed, Article 13. It was designed to help protect creators content, but could instead change social media as we know it. The premise of this European legislation is to help create a better social platform that eliminates creators from losing what they made to those who take it without proper credit. The idea of helping creators is good in thought, however, it’s resulted in some very unintended and unforeseen complications. Any content that could contain copyright material such as music or mere visuals could have reason for websites such as: Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr and etc. to block and ban the content from reaching the European community. Analy G., Junior,  said “It seems like they’re being really harsh on what they would ban.” Although the European Parliament has voted in favor of Article 13, it still has a long way to go before it can become a law. Many people including Yaquelin H., Junior, have begun to ask, “What happens if this issue comes to America?” It’s a completely valid question, and one that we still don’t have a whole lot of information about. Whether or not Article 13 is a good idea and will benefit those on social media is unknown, but it will certainly be interesting to see it play out.