Guys trends

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The new school year  means new guy trends. This year guys have been wearing a lot of new Adidas clothing and shoes.  Adidas is the new trend this year as it seems like everyone is wearing it over Nike nowadays, and it is fashionably affordable. You can purchase it almost anywhere you shop. When it comes to shoes, the guys have been wearing Nike Air Force 1s. This shoe is a classic; it looks good with whatever you choose to wear. With this shoe you can buy it almost anywhere for $100. It’s an all white leather shoe that looks great with any outfit.

Finally, when it comes to the pants, many guys are wearing ripped denim jeans in either black or blue colors. These jeans are available for purchase anywhere you shop, but I would suggest getting them from a store called Pacsun, due to their great pricing and superior style.

The price for a pair of jeans ranges to $40 to $60 depending on the style you want. Another great place to get these jeans is from H&M due to their similar prices, quality, and comfort.

These items of clothing have been the recent trends for guys at our school and around the entire country.

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