Dear Evan Hansen

Hiba Q, Opinion Editor

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Musicals have been taking over the hearts of many people this year. There are so many musicals but one that stands out in the crowd is the musical Dear Evan Hansen. Dear Evan Hansen, or D.E.H for short, deals with very mature themes, and should be listened to with discretion. Dear Evan Hansen talks about suicide and the effects that come along with it, whether it be to the people close to you or to people you have never met. This musical does not glorify suicide, but rather raises awareness for people who suffer with similar mental illnesses. “I thought the musical was very interesting and eye-opening,” said senior Darren W.

The main characters are Evan Hansen, Heidi Hansen, Zoe Murphy, Connor Murphy, Larry Murphy, Cynthia Murphy, Jared Kleinman, and Alana Beck.  “A gorgeous new musical for anyone with a beating heart,” said New York Times. Dear Evan Hansen will keep the audience captivated throughout the whole show. The audience gets to live in Evan Hansen’s shoes and experiences a plethora of emotions. It is a musical that will make you feel like you are truly apart of their family. “Even though the ending was sad, it was still a good musical,” said junior Cameron P. Many people find musicals as an escape from reality, but Dear Evan Hansen is not like that. Dear Evan Hansen is about reality and the harsh truth that comes with it.

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