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Emma S, Opinion Editor

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The new construction in the main quad has been a huge hit! The new lunch tables are creating so much more space for students to sit. In the past, during lunch, people would have to stand around or sit on the floor due to limited seating. Now, we have plenty of tables for everyone to sit, with even more coming.

Junior Julia C. said, “I like sitting at the new tables because a lot of my friends sit there, whereas before, we were all spread out around the school.” Also, the tables are shaded, leaving a cool place for students to sit other than in a classroom.

Although the construction has been beneficial for more seating, it has been a huge disturbance for teachers and students during class time. Just because school has started doesn’t mean that the construction has stopped. During class, construction can be very loud and distracting especially to the classrooms closest to the quad. “It’s really hard for me to concentrate during class, especially if I’m taking a test,” said sophomore Chase S.

Although the construction is distracting for now, everyone is very excited for it to be over and to see how the new layout of the quad brings the Royal campus together.

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