Traffic jam central

John B., Opinion Editor

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As we have all seen, the school is under construction for the MPR and quad remodel. What’s bad about the construction is that it makes it  tough to get to class, and even lunch! Everything is so crowded because of the big fences they have built around it, and there is barely anywhere to sit during lunch.

The remodel is a good thing, however the timing is not great. Couldn’t they have started in May when school is almost over? We get that they want to be finished before the new school year, but it could be made easier for students to get to class. Senior D. Chaffin said, “I can’t get to class without having to bump into at least 10 students and the lunch is a mess. We all have to go to the MPR for lunch.”

Besides all that, the construction for a new quad and MPR is exactly what is needed. The school quad looked boring and dull with just a field of green grass and 3 benches in the middle of it. Senior M. Rendon-Acosta said, “I like that they’re remodeling the quad. It will bring a new fresh start for the school, and new students next year will be able to witness it. The noise, however, I can’t stand.”

Most students are up for the new quad, but dislike the fences blocking most of the pathways to get to class. Especially during these times where we have tests and projects to do before the school year ends. Hopefully the new MPR and quad will be really great and bring fresh air to Royal, and let’s hope they find a way to make going to class look less like LA traffic.


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