The best places to eat you may not know about

Daniel K., Sports Editor

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Opened in early March, Smashburger was an instant success and (quite literally) smashing the competition to bits. Quality ingredients are a must for a burger place, and Smashburger has plenty of them. Not only do they excel in making burgers, but they also have their famous Smashfries, topped with olive oil, rosemary and garlic. To top off a great meal is the always suggested milk shake.

Such high ratings can’t go unnoticed, and Royal students sure are loving Smashburger. Sophomore A. Campo said, “I love Smashburger. I always get a meal there and the fries and shake are a perfect compliment to their burger.” Also, sophomore N. Torres said, “I went to Smashburger 4 times in their opening week. They’ll always be one of the first places I’d recommend to my friends when we want to go eat somewhere.” Another sophomore K. Gibson said, “I take my friends to Smashburger all the time. It’s definitely one of my favorite burger places in Simi.” Believe it or not: Smashburger is the real deal.

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