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Plaid Truth

Students under stress

Chelsea C., Photographer

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Stress has a major impact on students’ lives. It affects how they learn and work and can lead to more serious issues. Stress is induced by school and affects every student in different ways. Some students are affected more than others. This may be because of their work load or sports. Students who are in honors and AP classes with more work tend to have more stress. Also, students who do activities outside of school tend to be stressed because it gives them less time to do homework. So, what is stress and why is it so relevant in high school students’ lives? Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse circumstances. When someone has too much going on in their life, they tend to think it can’t all be done and they freak out. This can lead to mental breakdowns or anxiety attacks. Teenagers are dealing with a lot at this point in their lives. High school causes a lot of stress and teenagers’ hormones are also in a developmental stage. This may cause mood swings or depression and anxiety. So, school is a lot harder to handle when your mental health is not well. Although not all students have depression and anxiety, they’re all affected by stress from school and need help coping with it. Sometimes school consumes you and you feel like there’s no way you can pass a class or a test. It is important to remember to put your mental health first because stressing over school to the point where you are breaking down and crying over it isn’t worth it. If it gets to that point, then you definitely need a break. While working on homework or studying, make sure you work in intervals and take breaks so your mind isn’t overwhelmed. This causes a lot of stress and you won’t be able to remember what you’re learning. If you do break down over a class or how much work you have, try your best to finish, but if you can’t, let your teachers know how much stress you’re under and they should understand. Last but not least, it’s important to remember not everyone is a good test taker. You can study super hard for a test and think you’ll do really well but end up not getting the grade you hoped for. Just know it’s not the end of the world and it’s only one test out of hundreds that you’ll take. Although school causes everyone stress, it’s important to know that you’re not alone.

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Students under stress