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Plaid Truth

So long 2017!

John B., Opinion Editor

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It is the end of yet another year. The year 2017 was a weird one, full of gossip, suspicion, and brief moments of happiness. 2017 began with a bang! As the known Hollywood sign was changed and spelled out “Hollyweed” on January 1st. Also in January, we saw the arrival of our new president, Donald Trump, who entered the White House on the 20th of January. As always, there were protests in the streets of big cities such as Washington DC. Of course, most of the suspicion that came from 2017 was in the White House itself with the constant firing, threats, and Russian investigations. One of the brief happiness of 2017 was in the United States when a Solar Eclipse traveled across the U.S and many from around the country came to witness the event. “I feel like the Solar Eclipse was one of the best moments of 2017. It brought everyone from the country together to see the amazement.” said senior I. Rojas.  Although the view here in Simi was only okay, some students came out and saw the Eclipse during class. In the real world, 2017 was not a good year for most with all the nuclear threats, terrorist attacks, and mass shootings. But in the realm of fiction, it was a pretty great year. The movie industry had great movies like Star Wars, Thor, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and IT. “The movie IT was one of the best horror movies we’ve had for the last few years, and brought back many peoples’ fear of clowns.” said Junior Marisol Acosta. In the music industry, 2017 released some great music albums like, “DAMN.”, “Luv is Rage 2”, and “More Life.” 2017 was a good year for some and not so good for others, but one thing we can all agree on, is that we hope 2018 is nothing like 2017.

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So long 2017!