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Plaid Truth

“Single”: A Poem by Richard

Natalie M., Reporter

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I sit home alone on many a nights.

My kid is sleeping and the time feels right.

The TV is on who cares what channel, Because it’s all the same stuff and none of it Matters.

I think to myself, I do that a lot,

How fine it would be, if someone else called The shots.

I’m tired and old and sick of decisions,

My gray hair shows it, you know I’m not kidding.

It seems I’ve been waiting my whole life,

To find a special lady that fits me just right. I’ll knock down the wall and put down my fist

She could entice me with one meaningful Kiss.

We call it devotion it seems hard to find. With one look in my eyes you’ll know I’m not Lying.

So until then it’s all just A blur, how fine it will Be when I finally find Her.

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“Single”: A Poem by Richard