Marching Band’s new start of the season


Meagan Provenzano

Marching Band practices competition material in West Parking Lot during Band Camp.

Priyal Choudhary, Editor-in-Chief

Marching Band, a largely underrated curricular, turns it up for a new season. This new season’s exciting theme is “Can’t Bring Us Down.” Band will showcase this theme throughout competitions, hopefully racking up points and making it to championships. Senior and Pit Co-Captain, Hannah Tran, describes how this masterpiece will look like. Tran said, “It highlights the positive parts of your morning. Then you move into a ballad that shows days can go downhill. Just because you had a bad experience in your day doesn’t mean it can bring you down.” This theme is not only artistic, it’s meaningful showing the comeback of the Marching Band, hence the title.

Jamison Gallo, Low Winds Captain and sophomore, shared what this powerful theme means to him. Gallo said, “This theme gives me an underdog vibe where we can’t be brought down in spirit by other bands. Royal holds its head with confidence.” As you can see, this year’s season radiates strength and positivity, making a comeback from the previous year. 

Nonetheless, a lot of effort, commitment, and motivation goes into preparing for the new season. Marching Band goes through the treacherous weeks of Band Camp, a two week program to learn the basics and the beginning of competition work. Soon after, the Marching Band meets up 3-4 times a week after school for 3 hours, practicing for a good season. “We do full runs over and over again,” Meagan Provenzano, sophomore and Color Guard Co-Captain said, “…We will soon do some runs with props and sometimes costumes which are so much fun.” This tells us how much technique, stamina, and motivation a student needs for this activity. Not only is there practices, there are constant performances. Marching Band performs spectacular pieces for football games and more. 

This season’s theme has a motivational and purposeful meaning. Sophomore student and Color Guard Co-Captain, Allie Prabakaran shared her insight on this season’s theme. “The theme to me is a reminder that mindset is a very important thing. I have to be able to see the bright side of things in order to make them happen.” Prabakaran shares that mindset is crucial as it is a major factor of making things happen. This is important as it not only highlights what a comeback Marching Band is bringing, but it highlights what the students of Marching Band need, mindset. Mindset is something every student of band brings to practice everyday, hoping to get better and better, creating an exciting and worthwhile season. 

This year’s Marching Band season is anticipated to say the least. The inspiring theme and the hardworking talent is sure to shine. The season will fly fast leaving each and every student with memories, excitement, and lessons. When Cody Webber, Junior and Baritone Captain was asked how he hoped to end this season, Webber responded with, “I want to end this season with making sure everyone has one thing to take away from it, whether that’s a new skill, new characteristic, feeling proud, and so much more.” Marching Band hopes to end the season with a bang, and their effort, dedication, and talent will prove it.