Introducing Ms. Rodriguez, our new school librarian


Jaimy Blas

Ms. Rodriguez preparing to check out a class set of books.

Jaimy Blas, Reporter

Recently the school welcomed Ms. Rodriguez the new school librarian. Rodriguez transferred from working as a elementary school librarian to a high school librarian, which meant working from elementary kids to high schoolers. This is a completely different experience for Rodriguez.

“Elementary students are more enthusiastic than highschool, elementary kids like to be read to, and are more excited to read books, but working with high schoolers is still so fun, I’m ready for older kids anyways,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez worked at Crestview Elementary for 13 years, and at Monte Vista for one year. Rodriguez enjoys working for Royal. In fact Royal was the high school Ms. Rodriguez attended for her high school years, graduated, and her whole family as well. It is a big reason why she chose to work as our school’s librarian instead of another school.

“I like working here, it’s nice and I feel comfortable,” said Rodriguez. 

Rodriguez chose to work as a librarian because she enjoys reading and getting kids interested in reading books. The most challenging thing for her as working as a librarian is keeping books organized as students move the books around. Some of her jobs include, taking care of payments, barcoding books, cataloging books, and helping teachers and kids get the books they need.

Some things she enjoys doing in her free time include camping, hiking, and attending car shows or entering them. Two of her hobbies are photography and reading.

“Keep reading, it’s the most marvelous adventure you’ll have,” added Rodriguez.

Visit Rodriguez in the 2 building library!