AFJROTC Pass in Review


Ethan Wood

AFJROTC Cadets prepare to march out onto the football field to present themselves to new Corps Commander, Hiral Choudhary.

Ethan Wood, Reporter

Pass In Review is an important tradition in the military for our Air Force Junior ROTC. The Pass in Review is a long-standing military practice that began as a way for a newly assigned commander to inspect his troops. Visiting officers and guest speakers were invited to review the troops as well.

On Thursday, April 14, the AFJROTC unit held its Sixth Annual Pass In Review, changing the command to the new Corps Commander, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Hiral Choudhary.

“It is a huge honor to serve this incredible family that is CA-20142. I couldn’t have done it without the corps’ encouragement, constant guidance, and support! I am excited to begin the next school year to start challenging our boundaries and continue growing as a unit. This program is not just a class but an experience you sign up for; a journey to become the best version of yourself. I hope next year we can take it to new levels, and change more lives with our amazing opportunities and a lifetime of memories!” said Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Choudhary.

The cadets also have the pleasure of meeting many dignitaries and having lunch with some of them after the event.

“We were privileged enough to have various dignitaries like the Mayor of Simi Valley, Head of the Reagan Library, Superintendent, Police Chief, and more attend. I had a spectacular time and enjoyed conversing with those from the community and sharing quality time with all of those in the Corps… Afterward, we hosted lunch for parents, cadets, and attendees. There was a jazz band and beautiful decorations,” said Cadet Colonel Spencer Hise.

Overall, Pass In Review is an amazing experience for cadets that community members will look forward to for years to come.