Multicultural week


Emily Montalvo

Junior Ashley Fong making milk tea, one of China’s most famous drinks.

Emily Montalvo, Reporter

What is Multicultural Week? Is it different kinds of cultures? Multiculturalism is a diversity of cultures coexisting in society. 

Juniors Valerie Montalvo, Joy Oh, and Andrea Munoz saw that there was not enough representation of diversity at school, so they decided to do something about it. 

Multicultural Week began as a CSI project, helping the community and students at school. The project started on April 19 and ended on April 22.

Each day had a specific activity; Tuesday was a brown bag lunch discussing what multiculturalism is, and Wednesday was the Multicultural Fair, where students volunteered to make posters on countries to spread cultural awareness. 

Students showcased countries like France, China, Thailand, Greece, Mexico, Bolivia, etc. Some student stations contained snacks or drinks from their countries like sticky rice with mango from Cambodia, milk tea from China, Chè Ba Màu (Vietnamese Three Color Dessert), mini crêpes from France, cookies from Greece, and tamales from Mexico. 

Thursday and Friday were Student Equity Committees, where students could have a group conversation about the cultural diversity in our school and what resources should be provided to those in need. More resources for kids new to America. There will be an effort to continue the multicultural fair annually, every semester. 

“The project was a huge success! We had so many students volunteering to help spread the awareness of cultural diversity, and we appreciate all the people who helped make it a success,” said Junior Valerie Montalvo. 

If you could not make it this year, be sure to come next year.