The junior class getting together again


Kamryn Daub

Juniors Malia McMillan, Abigail Jiwanmall, Pearl Spaho, Dev Matharu, and Michael Cano at Rancho Madera Community Park for the Junior Class Picnic.

Kamryn Daub, Plaid Truth Staff


On March 26 the Junior Class Picnic, put on by the Junior Class Council, was an event where juniors were able to gather with their fellow classmates at a park and were able to catch up over a meal.

“Picnics have been trending recently on certain apps like TikTok, Insta, etc.” said Junior Class President Sarah Aliolli, who pitched the idea and helped organize the event. “It was also a safe way for friends to relax and hang out.”

The event was organized so that students could choose which park they wanted to go to and what time they wanted to meet. This way, there wasn’t a big gathering during COVID and instead there were small groups still wearing masks. It also allowed for more students to participate since they could plan around their schedule. 

While at the picnic, students were encouraged to take a photo of them and their friends to post it on their Instagram stories and tagging @the.royalkingdom

The date was chosen carefully, Junior Class Council agreeing to have it on Friday, March 26. With this date, students had a good start to their weekend, as well as a good start to their Spring Break which was March 29 through April 5.

Aliolli was able to participate, meeting with her friends in person for the first time in a while. “I got to reunite with two of my best friends that I hadn’t seen since March in 2020,” she said.

Another student, Junior Dev Matharu, met with his friends at Rancho Madera Community Park. “We were able to catch up and enjoy a nice picnic meal together,” Matharu said, “similar to if we had lunch in school.”

The Junior Class Council has also organized other events, including a drive-in movie night during the fall semester and they gave staff some Thanksgiving treats. There has been multiple fundraisers as well, one of which was the same night as the drive-in movie so people could enjoy their food while having entertainment.

The picnic was successful in getting friends together again while still staying safe, wearing masks, and social distancing.