What the future has to offer


Joshua Busby

Time management is the key for success.

Joshua Busby, Plaid Truth Staff

Wonder what it is like to be a student athlete at a college? Well, student athletes who want to go to college may be up in the air due to not knowing what the next step is like. 

College is not a bad thing to do. In fact, by going to college you are at a higher chance of getting a better job and higher pay. That being said, going to college and studying to get your degree comes with a few challenges. Classes are going to be different than they were in high school and time management is going to be a key factor in your success. 

Being able to time manage yourself is huge because it is better on your mental health and it sets a path for you to be successful in college. Royal High School graduate and Dominican University softball player Lauren Lapinid said, “In college there are more lectures, work, and things to review, therefore setting a daily plan of how you’re going to go about your day is crucial.” By setting a plan it helps guide yourself by being able to do your sport and get your school work done. “It is very beneficial if you set a schedule for everything you are doing and sticking to it so you don’t fall behind,” Lapinid said.

College classes tend to be a little more challenging compared to high school classes due to the fact that the topics are harder, classes are fast-paced, and the expectation of self-teaching is way higher. Royal High School graduate and Ventura College baseball player Isaiah Leon said, “College classes are only harder if you make them harder. As long as you show up to class, pay attention, and turn in your homework, I’ve found most students to be very successful.” Leon goes on to say, “This has worked for me as I have a 4.0 GPA through 51 units of courses and am almost finished with my Associates Degree as a student athlete.”