Back in action

Ashtyn Parkinson, Plaid Truth Editor-in-Chief

Although this school year hasn’t gone as planned, the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) is still trying to find ways to stick to their normal plans as much as possible. Things have completely changed, and the program is looking into alternatives for the activities that would normally go on during the year. Lots of effort is needed for the program to function, so JROTC is putting together new formats for online learning, still trying to establish a sense of unity among cadets. Currently, they are looking for service projects while maintaining a safe distance from each other. Things such as a potential blood drive or candy drive, writing letters for the troops, and other projects. Senior and Corps Commander Trevor Bystrom said, “JROTC is like being a part of a family, who are committed to their high school career and corps. We all want to see each other succeed.” On top of the search for service projects, weekly leadership meetings are held to discuss further action with the program and to figure out how to run the corps better and more efficiently. Normally there would be clubs everyday after school, but for the time being, only one club has been running, which is the gaming club. This is meant to increase corps bonding amongst cadets. They’re still looking into getting more clubs set up, but for now the gaming club is the only one available. 

In order to keep cadets engaged in their personal training, a challenge has arisen, involving a competition to see which grades can complete the most push ups. This competition puts the upperclassmen against the lower classmen to see which grades can do the most push ups in a three week time span. So far the upperclassmen have a lead in the competition, but with a few weeks to catch up, the underclassmen still have a chance to take the lead. With the issue of not being able to meet in person, everybody has needed to get a bit creative with how to keep people engaged. Sophomore Ava Pawlick said, “I’m liking it, it’s perfectly fine, but its obviously not as fun as being in person. We still manage to keep it fun though, even if we can’t meet in person.” Not being in person has put limits on what can be done, but overall, the JROTC program is doing their best to keep cadets engaged and prepare them for when in person school resumes.