Struggles of online learning


Kamryn Daub

History teacher Emmett Furlong working in his empty classroom due to coronavirus.

Kamryn Daub, Plaid Truth Staff


Due to coronavirus, teachers and students were forced to transition to online learning in March and it was brought into the new school year, and now teachers have to connect with their students over the computer.

Since online learning has been going on for awhile now, teachers and students have mostly adapted to the transition. However, there are still some things that both sides are struggling with. 

Along with switching from in-person to online learning, teachers and students had to get used to the new schedule of having two classes for six weeks, instead of having all classes for a full semester. This schedule works better for a few subjects and appeals to some teachers, including Jonathan Norris, Spanish teacher. “We’re seeing the same students…for longer periods, so we can cover more material and change topics faster,” Norris said.

However, for other teachers, a full semester doesn’t fit easily into six weeks. “We’ve had to cut plays and novels in order to make this system work,” Jennifer Letus, English teacher, said for those teaching English 10 Honors. 

The schedule isn’t the only problem, though. Students “tend to not put in as much effort in their school work with…distractions around,” said Biology teacher Monica Platten. Since students are learning at home, their learning environment can cause them to be sidetracked and not be fully focused on the work in front of them. 

Numerous students can agree with Platten, such as Liam Dew, who is a junior. “I find it harder to learn online because there are so many distractions,” Dew said. “I am not in a normal learning environment and my house is very loud.” 

Another problem is one that deeply affects shy students. “It can be a bit scary to talk on zoom sometimes,” said sophomore Joy Oh. Those who are shy can be nervous in the classroom, and talking on zoom, google meet, or another platform doesn’t help that.

Online learning has been a challenge to get used to, but optimistically schools will open again soon.