Building a difference

Linnea Chandler, News Editor

Steve Worford was a wonderful and very well respected worker, father, husband, and friend to so many in our Simi Valley community. He worked in our recreation department for many years and unfortunately passed away in 1997.

In honor of his great memory, our wonderful Royal High logging/woodshop program has made a lovely plaque and tree.

Our woodshop students and teacher, Mr. Sorenson, have worked tirelessly to take the wood from this tree and make it into something truly special for Steve’s family. As well as chopping the wood into pieces usable for other construction, specifically for Mike Worford, Steve’s son, who plans on using this wood to build something meaningful for his parents. The work our woodshop students have been doing is so fantastic and part of what makes them a great addition to our school. Steve was, and is the embodiment of what makes Royal special, an active parent and a “kind, compassionate, loving person”, as said by his wife Sharon Worford, who “loved watching his daughter perform with the drill team, and watch his son play baseball.”

Thanks to all our involved and committed parents just like Steve who came to cheer on our teams and always show up to support their children, as well as our school and community is the epitome of Royal High spirit. So we thank and remember Steve for all he has done. As well as a huge thank you to Mr. Sorenson and his students for all the ways in which they help, and contribute our school.

Sophomore Emma Langford, a former woodshop student, stated, “It helps the community by teaching students skills they can use to improve things around them, and maybe give them a passion they didn’t know about so they can pursue a career in it.”

By teaching students communication and leadership skills, which they learn in this course, that they can use these qualities to honor amazing people such as Steve Worford.