New Laws

Julius W., News Editor

Many new laws have taken place as of January 1st. Some including the whole plastic straw debate, in some restaurants, they will not hand out straws to an individual if they do not ask for it. The main reasoning for that is because thousands and thousands of plastic straws are left out in places where there is a lot of waste, and companies are trying to limit the plastic waste to as minimum as possible. Another new law is the legal age for buying a rifle, is going up. Lastly there is the new law of pet custody , where basically when a couple divorces, one can take custody of the pets that they own. As there are hundreds of more laws they have been passed, those are some that have taken place in 2019 as of January 1st. However , some of the most crucial laws that have been placed out, concerns the public and the citizens in the U.S. For instance, there are permanent gun bans to those that have been hospitalized more than once due to mental health, to those that have been convicted of serious domestic violence and assault, and lastly the state of California is requiring a new training for people that have a weapon permit. With those laws being out now in 2019, hopefully they will become very useful and will benefit innocent people in the world.