Welcome to the Royal Family

Linnea C, News Editor

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As Ms. Maisch, our new special education teacher, said, “I am having so much fun here at RHS teaching, and especially learning from the amazing students!” Not only have new teachers been working tirelessly on a rigorous curriculum, and adjusting to a new school, but also helping to unify our campus and encourage equality among students.  As well as being excited to be back at Royal and teaching high schoolers Ms. Maisch is most excited about the new additions being made on campus she said, “I am especially energized by all the new curriculum and strategies from general education now being adopted in special education.  It really feels like all students on this campus are considered equally competent and capable. This is a good feeling.”

As well the enthusiasm of our new biology teacher Ms. Platten is fantastic in her words, “I am very excited about teaching at Royal this year! I am getting to know all my students and enjoying the great community feel of the school. I am most excited about going to the games this year and cheering on my fellow Highlanders!” Furthermore, Ms. Platten has new ideas and strategies for collaboration in classroom, to help students comprehend this difficult subject, “I am very big on collaborative assignments and I hope to continue focusing my class on these types of assignments. Since I was in high school, I thought it was very important to study and learn with my fellow classmates, it really allows for students to come up with new and innovative ideas or help understand topics which may be understood differently.” Ms. Maisch and Ms. Platten are clearly very passionate about their work which is great and has many positive impacts. The ideas that are being adopted, and brought in are bound to help students with skills that will prepare them for college/career readiness as well as equal opportunity. With these strategies being added to special education, along with our general education and our new teacher’s efforts in bringing all students together, it is expected that Royal will have one excellent year.

Welcome to all the new teachers this year!

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