Sounds of Spring

Eileen K., News Editor

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The last band concert of this school year, The Sounds of Spring, occurred on May 11, Friday, at 7p.m. in our school’s MPR. “The concert was a really nice way to show off the band program,” said freshman S. Litauszki. The Sounds of Spring featured many different songs including Afterburn, Canticle of the Sun, Sneak Attack!, Man of SteeI, How to Train Your Dragon, Zeus: King of the Gods, and Arabian Dances. The band also performed Puszta: Four Gipsy Dances, First Suite in Eb for Military Band, and The Sounds of Spring. The orchestra was conducted by Ms. Pate. A soloist named K. Klussman also played Introduction and Variation #5 on the flute. Before each song, there were small skits performed to introduce each song. During this eventful night, Ms. Pate introduced the band seniors to the audience and announced the futures plans of each senior. The seniors were presented in front of the stage as Ms. Pate called them up. Throughout the night, the bake sale and silent auction were held. The concert ended with an encore requested by the audience. Freshman L. McCrossan said, “It was really fun. I’m proud of how far we have come this year.”

Ms. Pate conducting the band during their last concert.

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