Reagan Library Pathway Expo.

Eileen K., News Editor

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The annual Career Pathways Expo took place in the Air Force Pavilion at Ronald Reagan Library. It was held on Monday, February 5, and it went from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

It featured a diverse range of Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways from many schools. Families and students from elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools came to this event to learn about the different pathways offered by schools in this district. “I think this expo is a great opportunity for kids to see what they want to do, and it shows a bunch of great options for kids to see what kind of career they want to go into,” said senior A. Shuster.

The CTE Pathways are programs that can help students learn more about different careers that fit their interests, and gives students more preparation for the career they want to go into.

There were many booths about the different CTE pathways for families to learn more about at the Pathway Expo. During the event, guests were handed bags, pamphlets, and pens. Some of the booths also gave out items while others had brought equipment for demonstrations. There were nine pathways from this school at the event. The pathways that were offered by our school ranged from Software and Systems Development to Homeland Security and Legal Practices. There were many pathways from multiple schools that were featured at the event, including Child Development, Food Service and Hospitality, Building Trades and Construction, and more.

“It was cool to be able to see the different programs that are offered at different schools,” said freshman T. Kha. “It provides a great opportunity to see which schools would better fit your ideal career and provides insight on such pathways.” Overall, it was a successful night for the educators, student volunteers, and the families.

Teacher Mr. Sorenson demonstrating some of his woodworking equipment to interested students and parents.

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