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Plaid Truth

The Mutated Flu

Daisy P., Photo Editor

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This year’s flu vaccine is much different than former years. Although the vaccine can’t cause the flu, the nasal vaccine can. The flu shot consists of dead influenza bacteria while the nasal spray consists of alive, but weak influenza virus. This season, the nasal mist was removed from pharmacies and doctors’ offices because of the mutated virus. The 2017-18 flu mutated and scientists were not ready for the new strand that was created. Mrs. Evette, a pharmacist in Simi Valley stated, “The scientists were not ready for the new type of strand. This caused the vaccine to be less effective because scientists were not ready for a new, mutated virus.” Every year, tens of thousands of people die from the influenza virus. To prevent this, different vaccines can be given depending on the age of the patient. For children six months to eight years, two vaccines are given to prevent the compromise of their immune system at a young age. From age nine to 50, the original flu shot is given and is effective for their immune system. Finally, for ages 65 and older, a triple dose, a quadruple dose, and an immune system boost can be provided. All three vaccines protect against 3 types of the virus. Mrs. Evette said, “All of the different vaccines help for each person’s immune system and are suitable for the age group, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can always prevent the flu.” If you haven’t gotten the vaccine, there is still time. The flu is predicted to be deceased by the end of March.

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The Mutated Flu