Mental health awareness

Sophomore Lola Forbes-Black represents sadness, and sophomore Jenevieve Clark represents joy.

Savannah Downes

Sophomore Lola Forbes-Black represents sadness, and sophomore Jenevieve Clark represents joy.

Savannah Downes, Reporter

It is crucial to be aware of your mental health so you can detect any symptoms and seek professional assistance when necessary. The goal is to raise mental health awareness to help people understand symptoms, find treatment, and to break down the stigma that prevents so many people from seeking help. Ms. Cia Graf, a school counselor, has her view on mental health stigmatism. “I mean, working as a counselor you do hear that mental health is stigmatized. I hear it different ways. Everyone is different and has different cards to play. There’s differences in everyone. Mental health shouldn’t be treated differently or looked down upon.”

On Friday, September 23, there is a rock painting night for suicide awareness. While the event itself is free, all profits from the snack bar go to non-profit suicide prevention organizations. The event will be held at the Simi Valley Public Library, 2969 Tapo Canyon Road, from 6:00-7:30 p.m. You could go for participation or service hours. For service hours, email [email protected]

Graf expressed her opinion on the increase in mental health issues in teens. “There is definitely an increase. So many kids have anxiety from coming back to school and with COVID-19 lockdowns you weren’t able to be social. We saw higher rates of anxiety, depression, things like that.”

Although everyone’s mental health condition differs, all mental health conditions can have a profound effect on their lives in many different ways. You feel, think, and behave in accordance with your mental health. Consequently, your social, professional, and personal lives can all be adversely affected. It is common for people who are suffering from mental health conditions to resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms in order to cope with their symptoms. Please contact the suicide hotline at 988 if you think you will hurt yourself or someone else. Additionally, there is the lifeline chat, which is a way to text rather than call the suicide hotline through the same number. Lastly, there is a link below to our school’s mental health resources. 

Royal Mental Health Tools