A farewell to our Vice Principal


Indie Grubb

Our great Assistant Principal Aaron Dobson will be missed.

Indie Grubb, Editor

After six years of working for Royal High School and 19 years working in education, Mr. Aaron Dobson, our Vice Principal, is moving on. He has taught as an English Interpersonal Communication teacher, ran a leadership program in Michigan, was a middle school assistant principal, worked in human resources at the district office, and worked in administration in three different countries. 

When asked about his time at Royal, Dobson said, “This school, this staff, has such a strong culture of family.” Royals connective culture has come together, where we all matter, all belong, and are all connected.

“The students are so open to really embracing their opportunities to make the school better.” Dobson is proud that our students are always up for the challenge! 

Dobson and principal Mr. Keith Derek have been working closely together for six years, sharing the same philosophy that a good school is a school where students feel that they matter, get experiences, and an education that they want to have. 

When asked about what Mr. Dobson has learned over his years working at Royal he said, “I’ve learned that when you can bring a community together and tap into the heart they have, you can do amazing things for a school. I think this community cares a great deal about its children, about its schools.” Dobson believes that “as a team mate [he’s] learned to rely on the amazing people around [him] and bring [his] strengths and their strengths.” Mr. Dobson believes all of the school administrators he’s worked with, along with Derek, have unique strengths that have made our high school stronger. 

He believes that as educators they owe it to us students to bring us back from Covid, and help us adjust and move forward. 

When asked if he has any parting words Dobson said, “This decision isn’t about some desire to leave Royal. It’s about a new path and a new opportunity that is best for my family. I love Royal, and will miss our school and the people here.”  Dobson also said, “It really doesn’t matter who sits at our desks, it matters that the teachers and staff and you guys as students continue to understand your ownership of the school and the power you have to create positive change here.”

“The tradition of Royal continues no matter who the administrators are.”