Top Netflix shows and entertainment during quarantine

Megan Morfey, Plaid Truth Staff

During these hard times we’ve all said to ourselves, “gosh I’m bored.” It’s so hard to find safe ways to keep yourself entertained during this COVID-19 world we live in. It’s clear we have all resorted to finding any new shows to watch or other ways to stay busy during quarantine so many students have been looking for new shows to watch, and these are some of the top shows. In March, the top show was “On My Block”, April, the top show is “Outer Banks”, May, the top show is “The Umbrella Academy”, June, the top show is, “Hollywood”, July, the top show is, a short series called “Down to Earth”, August, the top show is “Criminal Minds”, September, the top show is, “Julie and the Phantoms”, and finally the top show of October is, “Emily in Paris”.  Because of the high ratings, these shows are worthy of your time, and are highly recommended by both students and websites online. Senior Kylei Gilbert stated, “I have watched all of the top shows during this pandemic and I enjoyed all of them so much.” She even went on to say she had watched some more than once. 

There has also been a demand for any other kind of entertainment during the pandemic, so local businesses have been holding drive in movie nights that guests can attend, as well as drive in concerts held by the county. Senior Hannah Robson stated, “I think it’s awesome how we can all go out and have fun while staying safe locally with these events.” There are lots of great options to stay busy and entertained during the crisis we are all experiencing, so be sure to look into local businesses holding drive-ins or entertainment events.