Live-action Mulan similarities, differences, and controversy


Trinity Morgan

Sinaloa 8th grade student, Melody Morgan, enjoying the show.

Trinity Morgan, Plaid Truth Staff

  After a few trailers, teasers, interviews, and the actual movie itself, people have expressed their many different opinions about the new live-action Mulan movie. People have strong feelings, both positive and negative, about the similarities and differences in the live-action Mulan compared to the original film. 

         The controversy didn’t stop at similarities and differences. People shared their opinions on the release of the film, price of the film, and the extra fee you have to pay just to watch the movie. The live-action Mulan was planned to be released in March 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the film’s release date was pushed back to September 2020. The pandemic influenced a Disney Plus exclusive release. 

          This Disney Plus exclusive release meant that not only did you have to pay for the monthly subscription but you also had to pay a 30 dollar fee for the actual movie itself. “I think it’s annoying how the extra fee is really expensive,” said junior Summer Meeks. “If it were a smaller fee, maybe like 5 dollars or just no fee in general, a lot more people would purchase it and watch it.” Many people don’t like the fact that you have to pay a fee on top of a regular subscription or wait until December 4, when it comes out without the additional fee. 

          In the original Mulan film, there are many songs and musical numbers. In the live-action Mulan, there are no musical numbers. The musical numbers get replaced for combat and stunts. Which some people may prefer and others may not. In the original film, there is no extreme violence making it a G-rated film. In the live-action, there is a lot more violence and combat landing a PG-13 rating. 

          A lot of the main characters from the original Mulan movie aren’t a part of the live-action. In the original Mulan, Mulan has a very good relationship with Mushu. He plays a big role in the film, causing her trouble yet also helping her out of trouble. In the live-action film, Mushu isn’t included at all. 

Mulan has a sister in the live-action but doesn’t have one in the original. Mulan’s sister’s name is Hua Xiu. Mulan having a sister shows contrast between Mulan and Hua. Mulan is very independent compared to her more dependent sister.